goro's Buffalo Pendant

goros buffalo pendat setup with red beads


goro's Buffalo Pendant is a pendant featuring a buffalo skull and is representing the 90s as one of the Old Design items.goro's Buffalo Pendant was produced from the 1990s to around 2000 and has been discontinued. In the 90's, this pendant was frequently displayed in goro’s official store and it was very popular among devoted goro's fans.

The buffalo is the most honored animal among American Indian. The magnificent creature provided food, clothing, shelter, tools, and medicine for the people. It symbolizes abundance, provision, strength, stability, and prosperity. The buffalo’s skull was also used for sacred rituals in the Lakota way of life, which Goro Takahashi belonged to.


Item Details

measurement of goros buffalo-pendant
the pendant hole of goros buffalo pendant

Size (approximate)

Length: 32mm

Width: 42.2mm

Weight: 6.6g

Pendant Hole

The pendant hole of goro’s Buffalo Pendant is shaped like an O. Regarding the pendant hole, a Jump Ring is usually soldered with the pendant.

goro's SETUP

How to create SETUPs

The most popular goro's Buffalo Pendant SETUP is the SETUP with red beads.The SETUP can also be made with an Old Design Chain with Hook to match the period of production, or by assembling smaller feathers using Jump Ring through the eye and mouth openings of the Buffalo Pendant.Buffalo Pendant is an item that allows you to create your original goro's SETUP that no one else has.

goros buffalo pendant setup with red beads and Abacus Beads
goros buffalo pendant setup with old design chain with hook
goros buffalo pendant setup with red beads and leather cord