goro's Metal Pendant

goros metal and feaher xl pendant setup


goro's Metal Pendant is one of the symbolic items of goro's along with the Eagle and Feather (XL). At the time of launch, it was called "Tataki (Hammered)" because the entire process was produced by hammering with a hammer. It was also a very popular pendant because Goro Takahashi would produce it himself.

Goro Takahashi damaged his right hand, his dominant arm, in a fire accident in 1987, and the story is famous among goro's fans that he strapped a hammer to his hand to create the Metal Pendant right after the accident.

Item Details

Regular Item

There are two main types of goro's Metal Pendant: regular models and Special Made items.

The item with Eagle Stamp Flying Diagonally is very rare in the regular model. The Stamp on Side was also a rare item until mid-2010, but is now in wider circulation.

The radial carvings extending from the center of the Stamp are all carved by hand, and no two carvings are identical. The hole for the jump Ring also has fine radial carvings.

three types of goros metal pendant m

Size (Approximate)

There are three sizes: (S), (M), and (L).

While New Design does not vary much by the individual, all of Old Design is hand-made, so the size and shape differs from one to another.


Length: 25mm

Width: 22mm

Weight: 11.7g


Length: 35mm

Width: 31.5mm

Weight: 22.5g


Length: 43.2mm

Width: 38.2mm

Weight: 32.5g

three sizes of goros metal pendant
old design of goros metal pendant
new design of goros metal pendant

Old / New Design

Old Design with “tataki” were sold until 2002-2003, after which they moved to New Design.

The difference between Old Design and New Design is the manufacturing method.

All of the Old Design are hand-made, while the New Design is produced with casting mold.

Initial New Design model was produced by hammering the edge of the Metal Pendant that was made with casting mold. However, the latest New Design model, starting from around the late 2010s, is produced entirely by casting mold, including the hammering edge..

Special Made / Rare

goros special made metal pendants1
goros special made metal pendants2

Among goro's Metal Pendants, there are one-of-a-kind Special Made Metal Pendants.

They range in size from small to large, and differ in shape, the way they are hammered, and the number of engravings. Among them, items directly engraved by Goro Takahashi with names, years, and arabesque patterns are very rare, and are disappearing from the market year by year.

goro's SETUP

How to create SETUP

Since goro's Metal Pendant has a strong presence, a simple set-up with only the Metal Pendant is popular, but the most popular set-up is with Metal (S) and Feather (XL). Otherwise, the item with Stamp on Side goes well with Feather (Left) (XL).

goros ideal metal pendant setup
goros metal and gold tip feather setup
goros metal and gold top feather setup
goros metal and gold top gold rope turquoise feather pendant setup
goros metal and silver claw feather pendant setup
goros special made metal pendant setup
goros metal and gold claw pendant setup
goros metal and silver wheel with k18 setup
goros metal and k18 gold metal pendant setup