goro's Feather (XL) Pendant

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Feather (XL) Pendant is the most famous and popular pendant of goro’s. It is worn by many celebrities around the world, such as Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran, Steve Aoki, and BTS.

There are currently about 28 models of goro’s Feather (XL) Pendant. From regular to special-made and to discontinued items, you can enjoy your original goro’s necklace by mixing and matching.


Although goro's feather pendant has been produced for many years, the history of Feather (XL) began in the early 1990’s where Plain Feather (XL), Gold Top Feather (XL), Silver Top Feather (XL), and Gold Tip Feather (XL) were introduced.

Later in the late 90’s, popular models of goro's feather pendants such as Feather with Claw (XL), Turquoise Feather (XL), and Feather with Metal (XL) also began to be sold.

Item Details


Within the same model of goro’s Feather (XL), it has two directions which are Left and Right facing feathers.


Length: 66mm~67mm

Width: 14mm~15mm.

Weight(vary by model) 

Plain Feather (XL) is 8~10g

Gold / Silver Top Feather (XL): 10~14g

Turquoise Feather (XL) : 14g

Feather with Claw (XL): 14~17g.


Gold Tip Feather (XL) does not apply to the above due to its different manufacturing method.

comparing left and right type of goros feather pendant

Initial Scratch

Initial Scratches are small scratch marks that exist at the time of production of goro’s items. The locations of these scratches varies on each model.
Notable location of initial scratches for Feather Pendants are

1. On the wing tip of the center stem

2. On Gold Rope Turquoise

3. On Claw of Feather with Claw (XL)

initial scratches of goros feather pendants

Old / New Design


goro’s Feather (XL) has Old Design and New Design.The model was reworked around 2004. Models produced before 2004 are classified as Old Design and the models produced after 2004 are New Design.
The main distinction between the Old Design and New Design is the pendant hole. The pendant hole of the Old Design Feather (XL) is long and narrow and can only fit small cornered chains, while the New Design can fit all types of chains.

comparing of pendant holes of new and old design

Initial casting

Initial casting is a term used for the earliest models of Old Design Feather (XL), the production process differs from other Feather (XL).Initial casting was created using plaster mold rather than the rubber mold. Since plaster mold is not reusable and can only be used once, each feather item from the earlier time is unique.
Initial casting existed for models such as Plain Feather (XL), Gold Top Feather (XL), and Gold Top Feather (XL), and history of Feather (XL) pendants began with these models!
The initial casting is characterized by an overwhelming sense of presence. The carving is deeper, even the feather lines are well carved. It is also larger than the current model with a measurement of nearly 57mm.
The initial casting is a very rare item, as there is very limited supply circulating in the market.

goros old and new design of gold top feather xl

goro's SETUP

goros feather with silver claw and gold tip feather setup
goros eagle and super rare feathers setup

Look Book / goro's SETUP

You can enjoy a variety of goro's SETUPs with Feather (XL) Pendant. Look Book of goro's Feather (XL) Pendant is available now.