goro's Arrowhead Pendant

goros arrowhead and feather xl all silver setup


goro's Arrowhead pendant features an uneven design that looks as if it has been repeatedly hammered on the surface.
American Indians believed that wearing an arrowhead pendant was a symbol of strength and protection. It is also known as a symbol of courage, giving protection to people who wear it. With an arrowhead pendant on your neck, you are protected and guarded as you journey through life.
It is most popular to be matched with goro's Feather (XL) Pendant, but it is also a versatile pendant that goes well with other goro's pendants.

Item Details - goro's Arrowhead


goro’s Plain Arrowhead has already been discontinued and is a super rare item. 
The Arrowhead with K18 Gold (L) is the most popular model. However, there are rare ones with the Eagle Stamp stand shifted to the sides. These are low in market circulation, especially the stamp on the right side, which rarely is available on the market.

Stamp on the left side with Feather (Left) (XL) and stamp on the right side with Feather (Right) (XL) can be used to assemble a setup without overlapping the Eagle Stamps.


Size (approximate)

Three sizes are available: Small, Medium, and Large. Extra Large is used for Special-Made items, so the size varies by the individual items.

Length: 36mm

Width: 16mm

Weight:  5.6g


Length: 43mm

Width: 16mm

Weight: 7.5g


Length: 52mm

Width: 26mm

Weight: 16.6g


Special Made / Rare

There are goro's items that selected customers can only obtain, such as All Gold Arrowhead and Arrowhead with K18 Gold with All Gold Grass (XL).

goros special made arrowhead pendant

Old / New Design


Production of Arrowhead using the casting method began in the late 1980s. The model was changed from Old Design to New Design between 1998 and 2002. Old Design has an early casting mold, and because of different manufacturing methods, the size of this model varies from product to product. Still, the later period of Old Design and current models are almost the same sizes.

(S) / (M)

The most significant difference between the New Design and Old Design of (S) and (M) is the shape of K18 Gold Metal. The New Design is hammered around the K18 Gold Metal, while the Old Design is not. Regarding the pendant hole, a Jump Ring for the Pendant is usually soldered with the pendant. In rare cases, however, a Jump Ring for the Chain is soldered for some items.

the difference of new and old design of goros arrowhead pendant


The most significant difference between the New Design and the Old Design of (L) is the shape of the pendant hole and radial carvings. Old Design has more profound and longer radial carvings than New Design.The pendant hole of Old Design is shaped like a U and is later soldered to the pendant. Also, this type of pendant hole was only produced in the 1990s.The New Design pendant hole is shaped like a P and was changed in the 2000s. Arrowhead (L) differs from (S) and (M) in that there is no hammering of the K18 Gold Metal.

comparision of pendant holes of goros arrowhead pendant