goro's Spoon Pendant

goros spoon with k18 gold metal setup with eagle head beads and silver beads and leather cord black


goro’s Spoon Pendant has been produced since the 1980s.

Among American Indians, silver spoons are said to be a symbol of their food culture. It is said that if a silver spoon is given to a newborn child, the child will have enough food for the rest of his life.

It is also said in the Lakota tribe to which Goro Takahashi belongs, the Medicine Man used the spoon as a vessel when searing medicinal herbs.

Spoon Pendant is the popular motif that has a special meaning among goro’s items.

Item Details

goros spoon pendant collection
back of goros spoon pendant


Plain Spoon

Plain Spoon was produced only in the 1980s and 1990s and has been discontinued.

Spoon with K18 Gold

Spoon with K18 Gold is the most popular model.

Gold / Silver Rope Turquoise

Turquoise Spoon appeared around 1998-2004. The Old Design of Turquoise Spoon has darker blue turquoise attached.

**The number 1984 on the back of goro’s Spoon Pendant indicates the year the design of goro’s Spoon Pendant was completed.


Length: 49mm~49.5mm

Width: 24.5mm~25mm

Weight: ≒ 11.5g~12g 

(Plain Spoon Pendant)

**The weight of the motif is added to the weight of the Plain goro’s Spoon.

front of goros plain spoon pendant

Initial Scratch

Curved dotted line on the lower part.

Vertical scratches on the upper part.

Three dots on the side of the pendant hole.

initial scratches of goros spoon pendant

Special Made / Rare

All Gold Spoon with K18 Gold

All Gold Spoon with K18 Gold is a prestige item that was produced in very small quantity around 2000.

goros all gold spoon with k18 gold

Spoon with K18 Gold Sun Metal

This model was produced in the late 1990s with distorted metal sulfurized and it has been already discontinued,

Spoon with K18 Gold Sun Metal

Spoon with K18 Gold

This Spoon with K18 Gold was handmade by Goro Takahashi and he engraved the year and name on the back of this item 31 years ago.

goros spoon with k18 gold handmade by goro takahashi

goro's SETUP

goros plain spoon setup wit sun metals
goros setup plain spoon silver beads and k18 gold-sun-metal-allgoldbeads-all gold wheel k18 gold in sun metal and leathercord
goros spoon with k18 gold metal and silver beads
goros gold rope turquoise spoon with k18 in sun metal and silver wheel with k18 gold
goros spoon with k18 gold setup with red beads and leather cord
goros plain spoon setup with k18 sun metal and red beads and turquoise beads