goro's Eagle

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goro's Eagle is the symbolic pendant of goro's and is said to be one of the world's prestigious pendants. It is said that only about five birds are produced per year, and it is an eternally coveted item for all of goro's fans, which only the chosen ones can have.

goro's Eagle is a pendant featuring the bald eagle, the national bird of the U.S.
Among American Indians, the eagle is considered to be the closest to God and is believed to bring messages as a messenger of God. Eagle feathers are also thought to have great power, and only a few authorized persons are allowed to pick up fallen feathers. Moreover, the eagle motif signifies prestige and leadership because of its smartness.

Item Details

The current Goro's Eagle models began to be produced in 1990. Prior to that, all eagles were handmade by Goro Takahashi and each one was produced with a different character.

goro's Eagle is very delicately carved from the head to the tips of the wings, and its beautifully arched form attracts all who see it.

head of goros eagle s



Length≒ 28.6mm

Width≒ 62.9mm


Most individuals are 12g ~13g, but rare above 13g.


Length≒ 31.4mm

Width≒ 72.7mm


Most individuals are 20g〜21.5g, but rare above 22g.


Length≒ 40.6mm

Width≒ 88.0mm


Most individuals are 37g~40g, but rare above 40g.

three sizes of goros eagle

Eagle Stamp

The Eagle Stamp on the back of goro's Eagle is entirely hand-hammered, so its position and shape varies by the individual. It is also considered beautiful when the soldered head and the Eagle Stamp are moderately separated from each other.

eagle stamp of back of goros eagle

Double Wing

Double Wing refers to the grooves that are created when too much silver is poured into a rubber. It is evidence of heavier and rare items.

Double wing of goro

Special Made / Rare

Platinum Head All Gold Eagle

goro’s Platinum Head All Gold Eagle is considered one of the masterpieces of Goro Takahashi.

“When the sun and the bald eagle overlapped, the bald eagle looked golden and only its head looked white. I created this item with that image in mind," 

said Goro Takahashi, handing this item directly to the former owner.

This is an model of which only a few exist in the world, and it is almost never distributed on the second hand market. Among goro's fans, it is said to be a miracle if you can see it once in their lifetime.

goros platinum all gold head eagle


Motor Cycle DEN was founded by the late Yukio Sato, a legend in the world of customized Harley Davidson.

He received this goro's Special Made Eagle from Goro Takahashi in exchange for parts of his motorcycle. Goro Takahashi also sponsored DEN's events and gave away goro's Feather pendants as prizes.

goros special made eagle den
goros all silver eagle
back of goros all silver eagle

All Silver Eagle

All Silver Eagle was created in 1987 and is the prototype for the current goro’s Eagle model. This item is from the same period as the one shown in YELLOW EAGLE magazine. The head and body of goro's All Silver Eagle are not soldered on, and Goro Takahashi bends and carves the head and wings by hand. An Eagle Stamp is also stamped in the center of the back, and the year and eagle mark are engraved on iit.

goro's SETUP

goros eagle s simple setup
goros eagle s simple setup with leather cord
goros eagle and gild tip feather setup
goros eagle and gold claw setup
goros eagle and heart wheel feather and sea urchin pendant setup
goros double eagle setup
goros eagle and three feathers setup
goros eagle and three hanging feather pendant setup
goros eagle and three feathers setup with red beads
goros ultimate setup