goro's Roadrunner Pendant

goros roadrunner pendant setup


goro’s Roadrunner Pendant is the item that is sold once every few years at the official store, and is one of those items that you have limited chances to come across.

The motif of Roadrunner is based on the mythical roadrunner, also known as the guardian god of the American Indian. The roadrunner is a bird that cannot fly, but instead runs extremely fast. Therefore, American Indians use the Roadrunner motif as a symbol of “escaping the disaster” to ward off evil.

Roadrunner Pendant has a strong sense of American Indian culture and has long been favored by the core goro’s fans.

Item Details


Plain Roadrunner

Roadrunner with K18 Gold

Silver Rope Turquoise Roadrunner

Gold Rope Turquoise Roadrunner

**Each motif is added on to the Plain Roadrunner Pendant.


Size (Approximate)

Length≒ 73.1mm

Width≒ 27.2mm

Weight≒ 12.9g (Plain Road Runner)

**The weight of the motif is added to the weight of the Plain Roadrunner Pendant.

goros silver rope turquoise roadrunner setup
old design of goros roadrunner pendant
new design of goros roadrunner pendant

Old / New Design

The difference between Old Design and New Design is primarily the Pendant Hole

The Pendant Hole of the New Design is shaped like a P, while the Pendant Hole of Old Design has a Jump Ring attached to it.

goro's SETUP

goros roadrunner with k18 metal setup
goros gold rope turquoise roadrunner with sea urchin pendant setup
goros roadrunner pendant setup with read beads
goros roadrunner setup with feathers