goro's Najone Pendant

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goro's Najone Pendant is one of the oldest goro's pendants, which has been produced since the 1970s together with the Eagle Pendant and the Spoon Pendant.

Najone Pendant is resembled from the horseshoe, which has been used since ancient times as an amulet to ward off evil spirits, and is a motif revered by the Navajo tribe as a talisman for the health of children and the prosperity of offspring.

Item Details

goros silver najone pendant
goros najone pendant collection


Najone Pendant has two sizes: Regular and Extra Large; and two shapes: Cornered and Round.

Plain Silver Najone
Najone with K18 Gold
Najone with Gold Rope Turquoise


The shape of the K18 Gold Metal on Najone Pendant differs from pre- and post- 2013. Before 2013, the edges of the Metal were not hammered. Since 2017, Metal with hammered edges has been attached to Najone Pendant.

Note that Najone Pendant was not produced from 2013 to around 2016 and has not been produced since 2018.


Najone Pendant (XL) was first produced around 2000, but was already discontinued in the early 2010s.

two types of goros silver najone pendant

Size (Approximate)



Length: 56.6mm

Width: 25.8mm


Length: 56.6mm

Width: 25.8mm

goros cornered and round najone pendant
comparison of old and new design of goros silver najone pendants
back of old design of goros silver najone pendant

OLD / New Design

goro's Plain Silver Najone exists only in Old Design.

The difference between the Old and New Design of the regular size of goro's Najone Pendant is the shape of the Pendant Hole.

Prior to 2004, Old Design had a pendant hole on the back of the pendant, while New Design has a P-shaped pendant hole on the top of the pendant.

goro's Najone Pendant (XL) has no major differences between Old and New Design.

Special Made / Rare

goros najone concho with k18 gold metal xl
back of goros najone concho with k18 gold metal xl

Najone Concho with K18 Gold (XL)

goro's SETUP

goros silver najone pendant setup with leather cord
goros silver najone pendant xl setup with leather cord
goros najone pendant setup with k18 gold metal
goros all gold najone pendant setup with red beads
two of goros najone pendant setup
goros najone pendant setup with feathers