goro's Feather Pendants

goros feather pendants setup


goro's Feather Pendants are indispensable for goro's setup.
Various types of Feather pendants exist, such as Feather Pendant (XL), which is inspired by the left and right wings; the Heart Pendant, which is inspired by the breast feathers of an eagle; and the Feather Pendants inspired by the tail feathers.
There are various ways to assemble it together, which can be referred from the photos of the Setup.

Item Details

Regular Model

There are 4 sizes in goro's Feather Pendants: (S), (M), (L), and (XL).

Some models have 2 types: (Left) and (Right).

Small Cornered / Round Chain can be passed through (L) and (XL).

If you want to put (S) and (M) on a chain,  you can assemble it with Double Jump Ring.

Feather (XL)

Please refer to Feather (XL) page.


Feather (S/M/L)

Silver Feather

All Gold Feather

collection of goros all gold feather pendants and all silver feather pendants

Heart Wheel Feather

Heart Wheel Feather

Silver Heart Wheel Feather

All Gold Heart Wheel Feather

collection of goros heart wheel feather pendants

Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant

Silver Heart Pendant with Gold Rope Turquoise

All Gold Heart Pendant

collection of goros heart pendants

Three Hanging Feathers Pendant

Please refer to Three Hanging Feathers Pendant page.

goros three hanging feathers pendant



Feather (S/M/L)


Right: 27.1mm~27.2mm
Left: 26.5mm~26.7mm


Right / Left: 30.2mm~30.4mm


Right: 35.2mm~35.3mm 

Left:  34.2mm~34.3mm

Heart Wheel Feather


≒ 37mm


≒ 41.2mm



Heart Pendant

Right: 28mm
Left: 27.2mm

size of goros feather pendants

Initial Scratch

initial scratchs of goros feather pendant
initial scratchs of goros heart wheel feather pendant

Silver Feather (L)

Left:Under both wings of Eagle Stamp

Right:Inside Eagle Stamp

Heart Wheel Feather (L)

back of the wheel

Old / New Design

New Design of heart pendants features a longer pendant hole and coils are wrapped around.

*The coils are not wrapped afterwards

Silver Heart Pendant with Gold Rope Turquoise

Silver Heart Pendant with Gold Rope Turquoise exists only in New Design. This model is smaller than other Heart Pendants.

**There is no difference between OLD Design and New Design for Feather (S/M/L) and Heart Wheel Feather.

comparison of old and new design of goros heart pendants

goro's SETUP

goros silver feather pendant setup with silver beads
goros silver feather pendant setup
goros all gold feather setup with silver feather
goros gold tip feather and gold top feather setup
goros silver top gold rope turquoise feather pendant setup with silver feather and all gold wheel
goros special made metal pendant setup with heart pendants
goros all gold and silver feather pendants setup
goros gold top feather and heaet wheel feather pendant setup