goro's Eagle Pendant

goros turquoise eagle pendant setup


goro's Eagle Pendant is one of the most popular pendants.

The prototype of Eagle Pendant had been produced in the 1970s. It is said that the shape was gradually changed and the current model started to be produced around 1988. Eagle Pendant represents the symbolic eagle flapping its wings into the sky.

Eagle Pendant is only produced once every few years at goro's official store.

Item Details

Regular Model

Eagle Pendant with K18 Gold

Turquoise Eagle Pendant

goros eagle pendant collection

Size (Approximate)

Length≒ 37.5mm

Width≒ 27mm

Weight≒ 10g


Initial Scratch

Vertical scar on tail feathers.

Dotted scratch on the back of the right wing when viewed from the front.


Old / New Design

initial new design of goros eagle pendant
new design of goros eagle pendant
comparison of new and old design of goros turquoise eagle pendant
old design of goros turquoise eagle pendant with special pattern

There is no major difference between Old Design and New Design of goro's Eagle Pendant.

However, regarding Old Design of Turquoise Eagle Pendant, the attached Turquoise varies in shape and colour. Some of them have a linear pattern.

Regarding Eagle Pendant with K18 Gold Metal, the shape of the metal varies depending on when it has been produced.

goro's SETUP

goros eagle pendant with k18 gold setup with k18 sun metal
goros eagle pendant setup with red beads