goro's Claw Pendant

goros gold claw setup with silver wheel with k18 gold metal


goro's Claw Pendant has been produced since the 1980s - early 1990s. Claw Pendant is a pendant featuring an eagle's claw, delicately produced in three dimensions.

It goes well with Eagle and Feather, and can be paired together in a setup to make it more luxurious.

This Model is reportedly not currently in production at goro's Official Store.

Item Details

Regular Model

Silver Claw (Right / Left)

Gold Claw (Right / Left)

goros all gold claw silver claw


Length≒ 3.57cm

Width≒ 1.63cm

size of goros all gold claw

Initial Scratch

Left:There is a dot of scratches at the ankles.

initial scratch of goros claw left

OLD / New Design

The difference between Old Design and New Design of Claw Pendant is the shape of the toe and the size of the Pendent Hole.

The OLD Design of goro's Claw Pendant has a pointed toe, while the New Design has a rounded toe.

Also, the Pendant Hole in the New Design is wider than in the Old Design.

goros all gold claw old design new design

goro's SETUP

goros gld claw setup with all gold eagle and all gold feathers
goros gold claw set up with eagle and all gold feather and all gold wheel and gold tip feather
goros gold claw set up with silver wheel with k18 gold metal
goros gold claw setup with three hanging feathers pendant
goros silver claw set up with gold top gold rope turquoise feather
goros gold claw setup with gold tip feather and eagle and all gold wheel

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