goro's Chain / Leather Cord

collection of goros chains and leather cords


goro's Chain / Leather Cord is an essential item for assembling goro's SETUP.

goro's Chain is available in four shapes and two lengths.

The most popular shape of goro's Chain is the Small Cornered Chain, which can be threaded through the pendant hole of all goro's Pendants and is loved by many Celebrities.

At goro's Official Store, the Chain can only be purchased if you have a Pendant.

goro's Leather Cord is available in five different colours.

For the Setup assembled with the Leather Cord comes with a flexible length. As it comes with the adjuster (the Plastic Beads at the end of the cord), it allows you to make your ideal length. 

**goro’s long chains were originally created for cross, so it is recommended to use long chains for goro’s Cross Setups.

Item Details

Regular Model


goro's Chain is available in 4 shapes and 2 lengths.

Standard (47cm)

Small Cornered Chain (Width: 3.5mm)

Small Round Chain (Width: 3.72mm)

Large Cornered Chain (Width: 4.4mm)

Large Round Chain (Width: 4.6mm)

Long Chain (70cm)

Large Cornered Long Chain (Width: 4.4mm)

Large Round Long Chain (Width: 4.6mm)

collection of goros chains

Leather Cord

goro's Leather Cord has 5 colors.



Dark Brown

Reddish Brown


collection of goros leather cords


Eagle Hook (Center)

goro's Eagle Hook is worn by goro's fans.

Old Hook (Right)

goro's old Hook was produced until the late 1990s, but this model has now been discontinued.

Hook with Wheel (Left)

For goro's fans, it is standard to add wheels to the chain for goro's necklace.

collection of goros chains seup

Special Made / Rare

goro's Eagle Hook with Eye-Carving

The goro's Eagle Hook began to be produced in the early 2000s, and some of the earliest models have carved eyes. It is said that the eyes were carved to give life to the eagle.

There are also some models with thin carvings or with only one eye carved.

goros eagle hook with eye carving
goros all gold eagle hook
goros all gold old hook

All Gold Eagle Hook

goro's All Gold Eagle Hook is an exceptionally beautiful item, with the fearless expression of the eagle delicately carved and the gold shining along the soft curves of the hook.

Glistening in the sun, the All Gold Eagle Hook adds a touch of glamour to the goro's Necklace.

All Gold Old Hook

goro's All Gold Old Hook is a handmade work by Goro Takahashi and is said to be a remarkable item.

The item is made by wrapping a single gold wire around a figure of eight and soldered it with gold.

goro's SETUP

comparison of goros chain and leaher cord setup
comparison of goros chain and leather cord setup
comparison of goros chain and leaher cord setup
goros silver feathers setup with chain and leather cord

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