goro's Wheel

goros double feathers setup with silver wheel


goro's Wheel is one of the oldest models of goro's, which has existed since Goro Takahashi started creating silver accessories. It also appeared in a booklet distributed at the store when goro's reopened in 1987.

goro's Wheel is based on the Medicine Wheel, a sacred symbol among Native Americans.

In Native American culture, all things are thought to circulate and become a wheel, such as the four seasons and reincarnation, and the medicine wheel is said to express these ideas.

goro's Wheel is an essential item for goro's Necklace, which can be combined with goro's Chain / Leather Cord or Pendant to enhance your Setup.

Item Details

Regular Model

Silver Wheel

All Gold Wheel

Silver Wheel with K18 Gold

All Gold Wheel with K18 Gold

** The eagle hook only passes through one hole in all models.

collection of all models of goros wheels





Silver Wheel: 1.9~2.0g

All Gold Wheel: 2.9~3.0g

Silver Wheel with K18 Gold: 2.4~2.6g

All Gold Wheel with K18 Gold: 3.4~3.6g

measurement of the size of goros wheel

Initial Scratch



center of back

initial scratch of front of goros wheel
initial scratch of the edge of goros wheel
initial scratch of back of goros wheel

OLD / New Design

The main difference between Old and New Design of goro's Wheel is the width and the shape of the K18 Metal.


The Width of Old Design goro's Wheel is bigger than New Design. Old Design is 18.1mm~18.2mm, some of them are as large as 18.5mm, while New Design goro's Wheel is 17.8mm~ 17.9mm.

K18 Metal

K18 Metal on Old Design of goro's Wheel also varies in shape and size by the individual. Some of them have larger eagles on K18 Metal. On the other hand, the K18 Metal of the New Design goro's Wheel varies little by the individual.

comparison of old and new design of goros wheel

Special Made / Rare

special made goros wheel handmade by goro takahashi 1
special made goros wheel handmade by goro takahashi 2

There are several Special Made goro's Wheel handmade by Goro Takahashi.

goro's SETUP

goros gold tip feather setup with gold wheel and k18 gold metal
goros gold tip feather setup with k18 gold eagle stamp metal pendant
goros gold top feather setup with all gold feathers
goros gold tip feather and plain feather setup
goros double feathers setup with leather cord
goros ealge and gold tip feather setup
goros metal setup with silver wheel with k18 gold
goros eagle setup with all gold wheel

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