goro's Flattened Bracelet

goros flattened bracelet with rolex setup


goro's Flattened Bracelet is a goro's classic bracelet with each motif attached to a flat bangle, a simple creation that matches a wide range of fashion styles.

The original bracelet has been produced since the 1970s, but production of the current Flattened Bracelet model began in the 1990s.

Item Details

Regular model

Flattened Bracelet with K18 Gold Metal

It is considered a regular item among goro' fans, but it is said to take at least a year to purchase.

Flattened Bracelet with Turquoise

It is an item that is sold once every few years.

Rose Bracelet 

Rose Bracelet is a rare item that can only be purchased at goro's official store if you have Flattened Bracelet with K18 Gold Metal.

goros flattened bracelet with k18 metal
goros flattened bracelet with turquoise
goros rose bracelet

Size (Appriximate)

inner circumference

S: ≒155mm

M: ≒165mm

L: ≒175mm


S: ≒ 30g

M: ≒32g

L: ≒35g

**Flattened Bracelets are approximately 12 mm wide in all sizes.

measurement of goros flattened bracelet

OLD / New Design

The difference between the Old and New Design of goro’s Flattened Bracelet with K18 Gold Metal is the shape of K18 Gold Metal.

The shape of the Old Design K18 Gold Metal produced in the 90s is distorted and the amount of hammering varies by the individual piece. The eagle in the metal is off-center and some pieces are tilted at an angle. The charm of Old Design is that you can enjoy the differences of each individual piece. 

The New Design produced from 2004 onwards has been standardized with 11 hammerings, but the shape of the eagle varies depending on when it was produced.

Other Regular Bracelets also exist, with items that pre-date Old Design, with widths shorter than 12 mm and bracelets with TQs smaller than the width.

At goro's Official Store, you can only buy what is offered, but at DELTAone you can take your time to choose the shape you prefer.

comarison between old and new design of goros flattened bracelet

Special Made / Rare

goro’s Special Made Bracelet

goro's Special Made Bracelets come in many different varieties.

It takes many years to order and is not easy to purchase, even for regular customers. Special Made Bracelets are the most prestigious items among goro's bracelet.

goros all gold claw bracelet
goros silver claw bracelet

Gold Claw Bracelet

It is said to be an item that has not been produced since around 2010, making it one of the rarest and most valuable items in the Special Made Bracelets.

Silver Claw Bracelet

The Silver Claw motif was created in the 1990s, and around 1993 the goro's Bracelet was born, with Feather and Claw brazed onto a Flattened Bracelet.

goros gc24 bracelet

goro's GC24 Bracelet

This bracelet has not been ordered since 2004.

GC24 is a concho often used to customize bags and wallets, and the name comes from



24 (Product number)

GC24 Bracelet uses a special bangle for Special Made bracelets, which has a square end and is wider than a normal bracelet.

Feather Bracelet with Metal

Feather Bracelet with Metal has only been ordered once since 2013, making it a very rare bracelet with very low circulation.

goros all gold double feather bracelet

Silver Double Feather Bracelet

All Gold Double Feather Bracelet

This item is a favourite of all goro's fans and is as popular as the Gold Claw Bracelet.

gold tip feather with k18 gold metal bracelet

Gold Tip Feather with K18 Metal Bracelet

The one and only custom-made bracelet that belonged to Akira Horiuchi, the founder of DELTA one.

The motif of Gold Tip Feathers soldered with K18 Gold Metal is usually not seen.

Turquoise Bracelet

Only two of these bracelets exist in the world, one each of size L and M.

The one that arrived to our store on 30 January 2019 is the M size.

This is a fantastic item that was featured in the magazine Turquoise in 2004.

goros arabesque rose bracelet xl
goros arabesque bracelet s

Arabesque Rose Bracelet

Arabesque Bracelet (S)