goro's Setup | Metal Pendant with Antique Red Beads Setup

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Customers usually prefer matching the Metal Pendant with a silver chain or with a leather cord and a few beads only. In this Setup, however, we tried using an entire Antique Red Beads Set instead.

Not only can this bring out a distinctive vintage vibe, it also gives the Setup a more stylish outlook. Moreover, instead of having some leather cord dangling at the back, an old hook is tied to the leather cord. Not only does this make the Setup look more complete, it also makes the Setup more professional. If you are looking for a unique Metal Pendant Setup, it is a great choice to try this out!

[Item List]

- New Design: Metal Pendant (M) - 76

- K18 Gold in Sun Metal (L) **New Design Model - 88

- Silver in Sun Metal (L) **Mid Age Model - 87

- Engraved Beads Left - 351

- Silver Beads (L) - 338

- Silver Beads (XL) - 339

- Old Design: Chain with Hook (Soldering) - 831

- Antique Red Beads Set - 353 - Leather Cord (White) - 632