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goro's Setup | Double Feather Setup

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This is an advanced Setup featuring many rare items. The highlight is the specially made item Gold Tip Feather with Gold Claw.This Feather alone costs 646,100HKD (as of January 2022; prices are subject to change).

You might wonder why this Feather commands such a premium. In essence, growing demand far outstrips its tiny production volume. This feather is never displayed at goro’s official store. Only select customers such as relatives, celebrities and VIPs gain access to this special Feather.

The striking gold embellishments throughout Setup make this necklace a statement piece on any outfit.

If you are looking for something that stands out in a crowd, or a necklace that features goro’s special items, this majestic Setup should be at the top of your list.

[Item List]

- New Design: Gold Tip Feather with Gold Claw (Left) (XL) - 27

- New Design: Gold Top Gold Rope Turquoise Feather (Right) (XL) - 12

- K18 Gold in Sun Metal (L) **Mid Age Model - 86

- All Gold Eagle Hook - 310

- All Gold Wheel with K18 Gold - 329