Feather Pendant

Learn about goro's most iconic motif, the feather pendant

goro’s: A Rich History 

Pendant Types

Sample Setups


Q: Which Feather should I buy first? 

A: You can start with any Feather. Popular options are the Gold Top and Gold Top Gold Rope Turquoise Feathers. The Heart Wheel Feather is also a frequent starting point for the goro's journey.

Q: What is the best way to maintain goro’s pendants?

A: Maintenance is not strictly necessary for goro's items. Through normal use, owners can enjoy the natural aging of goro’s pendants. The oxidation of silver items produces a beautiful contrast between the silver and gold parts of the pendant.

Q: What do I need to buy to make a necklace with a Feather Pendant?

A: You will need either a chain or a leather cord. Among chains, you can choose either the Eagle Hook or the Old Hook. You can also add the K18 Silver Wheel to an Eagle Hook to provide increased stability and comfort. If you prefer leather cords, you’ll need at least one plastic bead to adjust the necklace's length.

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