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Learn about goro's most iconic motif, the feather pendant

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Q: Which Feather should I buy first?

A: You can start with any Feather. The most popular one is Gold Top Feather and Gold Top Gold Rope Turquoise Feather among XL Feathers. Heart Wheel Feather is selected frequently at the beginning of goro's journey.

Q: What's the best way to maintain pendants?

A: We say maintenance is not necessary for all goro's items. By using, owners can enjoy the aging of items. Especially for silvers, the sulfuration of silver produces a beautiful contrast with the parts made from Gold.

Q: What do I need to buy to make a necklace with Feather Pendant?

A: If you looking to start with Chains, Eagle Hook or OLD Hook are necessary. Optionally, the addition of the K18 Silver Wheel to Eagle Hook with Chain provides higher stability and comfortability. By starting with Leather Cords, at least one piece of Plastic Bead is necessary to make the endpoint on the Cord to adjust the necklace's length.

Q: Plastic Beads and Leather Cord are free of charge?

A: We provide seven pieces of plastic beads and one leather cord for free to anyone who purchases any pendant top regardless of type.

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