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Goro's History #3

The birth of goro's

The birth of goro's #3

3. Taro Takahashi

In the '60s, goro’s had a young man helping him out. His name was Taro Takahashi, and he was the son of his eldest brother. They were uncles and nephews, but because of their close age, Goro took good care of him like a brother.

However, Taro was not as enthusiastic about leather crafting as Goro, and his tardiness became more noticeable. So, Goro told him that if he wanted to do something else, he should work hard for it. In fact, Taro Takahashi would later become a legendary figure in the world of Japanese surfing. Taro, who was more suited to maneuvering on waves than carving leather, would become the first surfboard shaper in Japan.


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