Pendant Hole of goro's Feathers (XL)


Pendant Hole of Feathers (XL)

What is the difference of the Pendant Holes between Old Design and New Design Feathers (XL)?

Since the opening of the goro’s Official Store, the Feather Pendants have undergone a major rework in 2004. The “Old Design” refers to Feather Pendants produced before 2004 and the “New Design” refers to the Feather Pendants produced after 2004.

The main distinction between the two designs is the Pendant Hole. While it is true that the Old Design Feathers are longer by 0.1mm in length, this is not considered a major difference.

In the following article, we will highlight the history of goro's Feather and major changes to the Pendant Hole.


Old Design (~2004)

Elongated Shape

With the Old Design goro's Feathers (XL), the Pendant Hole has a narrower shape and it is only compatible with the Small Cornered Chain.


As there are other types of Chains available from goro’s, back in the days, the staff at the goro’s Official Store used a plier to widen the Pendant Hole. As you can see from the image, this Feathers has been modified .

As the Old Design Feathers (XL) is a discontinued model and no longer sold to the public, the items with their original share are considered to be rare. Also, the setup assembly using the Leather Cord goes very well with the Old Design Feathers due to is perfect fit. 

comparison of pendant hole

New Design (2004~Present)

After the transition to the New Design model in 2004, the Pendant Hole was widened to suited for the Small Round, Large Cornered, and Large Round Chains.

Over the course of years, the Pendant Hole of New Design model has also undergone several minor modifications.

①Diamond Shape (2004-2015)

The first model of the New Design, also known as the “Initial Model”, was released in 2004 and was available for almost 11 years.

As you can see in the image, the Pendant Hole has a wider shape and a pointed tip, which is why we refer to it as the Diamond Shape. This model has wider openings so it is easy to assemble using the Chain, as well as the Silver Wheel with Leather Cord.

Amongst the core goro’s fans, it is said that this model has the most beautiful shape in the New Design.

pendant of hole of 1st new design

②Oval Shape (2016 to Early 2017)

In 2016, the Pendant Hole of New Design model has undergone a small change. The shape of the hole has been altered from a Diamond to slightly rounded Oval Shape.

During this period, goro’s had become more popular due to the celebrity influence of being worn by the members of EXILE, the boy band in Japan. Due to its growing popularity, there were many goro's counterfeits circulating in the market.


③Round Shape (Late 2017 - 2018)

In the second half of 2017, there was another minor change to the Pendant Hole. The shape of the hole has become more rounded.

This overlaps with the period when the Green Turquoise Feathers were first sold at the goro’s Official Store. Also, the Feathers produced during this period is slightly smaller compared to the previous models.


④New Type Round Shape (2018-Present)

This is the model that is currently being sold at goro’s. The Pendant Hole has become more rounded from the previous and the rim thickness of the Pendant Hole has become uniform. Although there are individual differences, the width of the Pendant Hole has increased, giving a more rounded impression.

The shape of the Pendant Hole has changed frequently in the past, and there is a great possibility that it will also change in the future.

By identifying the years of production from the Pendant Hole, there are different recommended styles for assembling the setups. This is one of the charms of goro’s.



  • The information is sourced from DELTAone’s experience and knowledge about goro’s.
  • There could have been other minor reworks that has taken place. But due to its insignificant changes, we will omit the minor details.
  • The Feather Pendants are produced using a rubber mold that has an estimated lifespan of 30-40 times of use. Therefore, the shape of the Pendant Hole may slightly differ when a new rubber model is used.