Goro Takahashi's Partner "Snow"


①The encounter - goro's

Goro once had two partners: Snow and Snow Junior. Snow is a white-color dog of the Kishu breed, and Snow Junior is a Shetland sheepdog.

Snow was Goro's first partner, whom he met on a beach in Chiba while traveling in his early thirties.

One day when Goro was traveling to the beach in Chiba to pick up driftwood, he met a white Kishu dog. He thought it was a pet dog owned by another owner, but when he returned to the same place a few days later, the dog was still there. Goro asked the dog,
“Do you want to come with me?”
Without hesitation, the dog jumped into Goro’s car. This was his first encounter with Snow.

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Goro with his partner snow

②Popular yet a dog with freedom

Snow always had freedom in his life with no leash. He wears a collar made by Goro with his name and the phone number of his store engraved on the metal, but Snow was never seen with a leash. Instead, snow was roaming Harajuku's streets in the ‘80s and early ‘90s on his own.

Goro said,
“When I used to go to the store in Harajuku every day, I would ride my motorcycle with Snow in the morning. But sometimes, he was not there when I was about to head home. But when I arrived home, he was there. I was curious, so I once followed Snow. I found that Snow had a lot of friends. People called his name ‘Come here Snow’ and gave him food. He was much more popular than I was. I even got a call from the police station in Kanda saying Snow was in protective custody. When I went there, I found Snow receiving food at the police station. The police officers were all very nice to him and told me that Snow came here by subway. I held him in my arms and said, ‘You can ride a train, incredible Snow!’ Everyone around me laughed.”

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Goro Takahashi with his dog and partner snow on the bike

③A Life-Saver

In the mid-1980s, Goro had an accident at work in which his right hand was severely burned. The pain and shock knocked him unconscious, but he was rescued by the barking of his Snow, who sensed the danger. But for a while, he was on the verge of death.

Goro said,
“Snow saved my life. I knocked over a brazier on my desk to warm my hands. The coals fell on my legs and set my clothes on fire. I tried desperately to put it out, but it caught fire. I was standing there on fire while unconscious. Snow then called the chief priest of the temple. Snow was barking so loudly in the yard that the priest found it strange, so he went inside and saw Goro standing in his room in fire. The priest later told me that he had seen me standing in his room burning. If Snow hadn’t called him, I would have been burned alive. I don’t remember any of it.

When Goro was thinking of permanently closing the store due to the severe injury that left him missing a finger on his dominant hand, the chief priest, who was his close friend at the time, taught him the lesson of the "Yin and Yang." This was when the harmony of gold and silver was born, indispensable in describing goro’s items.

Source of Photo: The Legend of Harajuku goro's

A front shot of Goro riding the bike with snow


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