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Goro's History #2

Goro Fascinating people

Goro Fascinating people #3


3. Attracting even the Hollywood stars

Goro Takahashi, also known for Yellow Eagle, lived for months in a teepee assembled on the ground and rides his horse and motorcycle across the Great Plains. Yet, at the same time, he was a genuine urban playboy.

In those days, Goro often went to disco clubs such as MUGEN and ByBLos in Akasaka, and his playmates, including world-class designers such as the young Takeo Kikuchi and Junko Koshino who later revolutionized the Japanese fashion world. They were said to have appreciated Goro’s craftsmanship from an early age. Goro’s sense of style also attracted overseas stars such as Peter Fonda and Tina Turner.

Goro once said,
“There was a disco called MUGEN in Akasaka back then, and I always went there to dance. I used to wear a deerskin shirt, trousers, and moccasin that I made myself. One day, Tina Turner came to the disco and performed. I went and danced. After the show, I was invited to backstage, and Tina was there. She asked me where I had made the clothes. I told her I made them myself, and she asked me to make them for her. The next day, I went to her hotel and took measurements. I was surprised when she took off all her clothes right in front of me.”

Goro, who drives around in his fancy Excalibur, a car he loves, is a man who has enjoyed the chicest era of Tokyo. Yet, even at a trendy restaurant or in a teepee tucked away on the Great Plains, he can spend the same style of life. He is also a man who can wear well-worn jeans and a tuxedo in the same way. That is Goro Takahashi.

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