K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品
K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品
K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品
K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品
K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品

K18扭紋戒指 (15號) / 全新品

Regular price HK$12,600.00

1. Items with “NEW” in the product name are Brand New items, while ones with “ALMOST BRAND NEW” in the product name are Unused Brand New items. All the others are second-hand. However, there are some exceptions to Leather Wallets, Leather Rings, and Chains.

2. There are two types of designs: New Design and Old Design. New Design items are the newer models of goro’s.

3. Guarantee cards will be issued from DELTAone to all products (certain exception applies to leather cord, leather bracelets, leather rings, chain only item, and plastic beads). Products with “Refund Not Guaranteed” are authentic goro’s items according to our assessment. However, due to their poor conditions like scratches and distortion, the inspection requires extensive knowledge and skills of goro’s. Other retailers may not be able to properly assess the authenticity. Therefore, we offer discounts instead of refunds. We certainly will be able to provide buyback for these items. Please be sure to bring along the guarantee card from the time of your purchase.

4. If you have any questions about the condition or size of the item, please feel free to chat or contact us at support@deltaone.com.hk.


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