Our Promise

Our Promise

Specializing only in goro’s, “we continue to offer authentic items to our customers”
by brushing up our skills for item appraisal.

Because of its excellence and popularity, there is a lot of counterfeit goro's in the market.
At DELTAone, however, we work very hard in acquiring knowledge, gathering the latest information,
and educating our staff to provide peace of mind to customers who love goro’s.

We provide items with the best techniques and knowledge

The staff at DELTAone also love goro’s, and we constantly research and learn techniques to beautifully assemble goro’s. goro’s needs techniques and knowledge to magnify its beauty and how it's assembled is very important. Upon discussion with customers, we will suggest the best and exclusive ideas and build complex setups with perfection, which we believe are not available at other stores. 

You can choose from the best goro’s inventory in the world

DELTAone has the largest inventory of goro’s in the market. This is supported also by the largest customer base in the industry. From standard lineup to custom-made or super rare goro’s items, we can offer the widest selection of goro’s. At DELTAone, you can find the items you need. This is the key to go through your goro’s journey with confidence. If the item is not available temporarily, we can still find the item with the help of 5 stores around the world.

We only sell genuine goro’s

Every buyer at DELTAone is a professional who is devoted to goro’s for many years and has continued to deal with tens of thousands of goro’s items. We continue to brush up on our authentication skills to identify and eliminate counterfeit items from DELTAone. We carefully double-triple check the items that are displayed to be sold at DELTAone. But, in case when the item sold at DELTAone later turns out to be fake or claimed as fake by other professional goro’s stores with a logical and reasonable explanation, we immediately offer a full refund to our customers for an indefinite period of time. Please rest assured when purchasing at DELTAone. Please store the guarantee card issued for the items purchased from us. 

We'll be your partner from your first purchase throughout your goro’s journey

Those who love goro’s will live with their goro’s for a very long time. In the case of necklaces, you can grow your necklace setup by changing and adding items, or rearranging to a completely different style. Rings, Bracelets, Bags, Wallets are also available and goro’s won’t stop fascinating us. It is like a never-ending journey. We, as your partner, always try to give the best advice and services to help you achieve your goals with confidence and go through your journey without any concerns. Please count on DELTAone when buying, selling, and building goro’s.