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Introducing 18 Starter Setups

This catalog features 18 inspirational starter necklace setups for you to begin your goro’s journey with. Since the prices of these items fluctuate, please message us at any time for a quotation or a free consultation.

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Feather with Chain

Feather with Leather Cord

Feather with Red Beads

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Chains add a modern taste. Chains come with an Eagle Hook or an Old Hook. You may also add a Wheel to enhance the chain’s look and stability. *All chains require a Hook.

Red Beads

Red Beads can be combined with other beads (e.g., All-Gold, Silver, and Plastic). Bead necklaces work with all pendant hole sizes.

Leather Cords

The simple and traditional choice. Leather cords come in five standard colors plus special types selected by DELTAone staff.


Starter Setup Catalog

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