Premium Bracelet

All Gold Double Feather Bracelet (M)

HK$ 255,000 -

One of the most ultimate goro's bracelet is now available at our store!

How rare is this bracelet?

Product Details

Judging from the shape of the metal and the hammering on its edges, it can be deduced that the year of production would be around 1999. 

Another special feature of All Gold Double Feather Bracelet (M) is that, comparing with Old Design versions where the All Gold Feather is directly soldered onto the bracelet, the pendant holes of the All Gold Feathers on the bracelet are completely enclosed in the New Design. 

Gold is also used in soldering. 

The bracelet is made from a thicker mould which is only used for special made items, bracelets produced with this mould typically show a squared shape on the openings. 

The item we acquired this time gives out major vintage vibes, while at the same time it is not damaged at all. The All Gold Feathers on the bracelet even shows condition of "burnt gold". Those who enjoy the vintage vibes brought by sulphurisation of metals should not miss this out!

Articles from "Indian Jewelry・Turquoise"

(Source: 株式会社ワールドフォトブレス. Fine #500, November 2004, page: 133.)