Japanese American Indian #3


3. Lakota Family

One day after repeated trips to the US, an old acquaintance, Keiichi Kunimoto, and an expert marksman living in Los Angeles, Mark Reed, introduced Goro to an American Indian they knew. They visited the Reservation in South Dakota together and met Eddie Little Sky and his son Red Bow. This is the first encounter of Goro with the Lakota tribe. They welcomed him even though he was Japanese.

Goro said,
“I wanted to be an American Indian. Eddie Little Sky was the one who listened to my wish to become an American Indian and offered to take my place as my parent. His son is Bow. I became Eddie’s son, and Bow and I became brothers. Bow is a warrior. When I met him for the first time, I was scared out of my wits. He is so big that I had to look him upwards, and he has a sharp eye. But he is really kind. Once we became siblings, I understood that. Whenever I’m with Bow, he always looks at me from somewhere in the corner of his eye. In their land of South Dakota, he’s always there to protect me no matter what I’m doing there. I feel really safe. He’s always standing tall and proud, the Young Chief of the Lakota Tribe. He’s a proud, brave man.”

goro takahashi and american indian riding motorcycle
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