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Goro's History #4

Japanese American Indian

Japanese American Indian #2


2. The birth of goro's Feather item

Through the introduction of the Navajo tribe from JED, Goro Takahashi's horizon has broadened as a craftsman.

Goro said,
"JED brought me to the Navajo tribe he knew, and I made many American Indian friends."

The Navajo tribe lived in present-day New Mexico, Arizona, and Northern Mexico's wilderness areas. The Navajo tribe is the pioneer of American Indian Jewelry using turquoise and corals.

Goro recalled,
"When I traveled to New Mexico, I saw an eagle's feather in a store. I really wanted to buy it, but the owner wouldn't sell it to me because the feather had special meanings for the American Indians. However, the wife of the shopowner had agreed to exchange it for the Eagle Ring that I was wearing. I was so happy. While I was delighted to purchase the feather without spending a penny, I was most glad to make a social connection. As a result, I exchanged my ring with the feather whenever I returned to New Mexico. With the feathers I collected over the years, I made an ornament for the bonnet (an American Indian's headdress).

Goro was greatly inspired by the real eagle's feather he had received from the American Indian. This is when the Feather item, which can be said to be goro's masterpiece, was born. The pendants and rings were also made by shaping the feather.

From here, the lineup of goro's products, including arrowheads and najone, has continued to expand.

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