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Goro's History #2

Goro Fascinating people

Goro Fascinating people #2


2. Creating anything

Goro was a man who made anything himself.

In addition to belts and bags, he often carved deerskin jackets and trousers, furniture such as chairs and tables, car seats, and leather sofas. One day, Goro walked by a furniture store and found a discarded sofa. He decided to repair and replace all the upholstery fabric with leather and carved it into a beautiful sofa. The sofa is still available in the store in Harajuku.

He also sponsored his jewelry for famous Japanese actors. No single person in Japan at the time could accurately reproduce authentic western style jewelry except for Goro.

Among his friends, there is an anecdote about Goro’s favorite car, the Isuzu Bellett, which is still talked about today. The Isuzu Bellett with all the seats upholstered in leather with carving designs is Goro’s original and customized car.

One day during a night out in the car, a man approached and asked,
“Where can I get the seats in your Bellett?”
When Goro told him it was his own creation, the man wanted him to do it for his car. Goro refused to do it, but the man insisted him to sell him the Bellett. Once again, Goro immediately refused, then the man said,
“I will trade for your car! My car is from the movie called Route 66!”
The man’s car was a Corvette Stingray from the movie Route 66. In the end, Goro decided to trade and got the Corvette as if he had thrown a sprat to catch a whale. He changed it to a carved leather seat and drove around the streets of Tokyo in the car with its overwhelming presence.

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